Gorce Oasis Luxury Mountain Resort

Gorce Oasis - Szlembark is an idyll for discerning. The only place in Poland, where the luxury and rural climate of the Polish countryside are in the perfect harmony with each other on the level of tradition and modernity, bliss and comfort, folklore and modern design. We put our heart and soul into arranging every corner of the house, where once, long time ago people lived their rural life, and children were running barefoot around meadows. Today, the comfortable interior of the house does not shade its atmosphere nor disrupt the extraordinary climate. Today, this place is an answer to every need of our Guests who want to spend some time in peace and quiet.

In our wooden log house in the mountains you will lose yourself in the beauties of nature. It's a place where everyday life may be left somewhere far in the background, where fatigue fades into oblivion, and new energy comes with a new day. Views from here are breathtaking with a raw mountain peaks that seem to approach to meet you. This is a place where you would like to enjoy every moment with the presence of your closest ones.

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Why is Szlembark worth visiting?

On the eastern side of Gorce National Park forests, above the Dunajec River valley, you will find a picturesque, idyllic village called Szlembark. As it is said among inhabitants of this corner of Podhale region, the first settlement existed in the middle of the village within easy reach of the wells, and was called “Śleboda”, which in highland dialect means “freedom”. Its name “Śleboda” perfectly defines this town. Peace and quiet as well as closeness of nature make it possible to feel free from everyday concerns and duties at least for a moment.

Szlembark is a great place to rest especially for people who appreciate peace and quiet, while being able to quickly reach more well-known and busy localities such as Białka Tatrzańska, Bukowina Tatrzańska, Niedzica, Nowy Targ or Zakopane. Szlembark is an excellent trailhead for hiking trips, especially to the nearby Gorce.

Szlembark is a neighbor of Gorce Mountains, well-known mountain chain of Poland, that rise proudly above Nowy Targ, the capital city of the Podhale region. Therefore, Szlembark is a perfect destination for all enthusiasts of long hikes. In the area of Szlembark there are tourist trails leading through the shrouded in mystery forests of Gorce.

From the neighboring village called “Huba” you can follow the blue trail leading to the mountain hill "Pod Kotelinicą". After that the trail connects to the Main Beskid Trail, the longest trail in the Polish mountains marked in red. The trail leads through the tourist station Studzionki (894 m above sea level), Knurowska Pass (835 m above sea level) Rąbaniska (1127 m N. P. m), Grabowska clearing (1269 m above sea level) to the famous Turbacz, the highest peak of the Gorce Mountains (1278 m).

  • Tomek P.

    Zapowiada się bajkowe miejsce! Naprawdę piękny obiekt, dawno nie widziałem nowego budynku wykonanego w takim stylu! Kwintesencja podhalańskiego budownictwa we współczesnych czasach. Nie mogę się doczekać aż zobaczę na żywo, rezerwuję pierwszy wolny termin!!

  • Aneta D.

    Od dłuższego czasu szukałam właśnie takiego miejsca. Co roku spędzamy wakacje w górach niemal z całą rodziną i zawsze musimy mieszkać w różnych pensjonatach, tym razem wynajmiemy to cudo na wyłączność, już widzę dzieciaki biegające po tym cudnym ogrodzie, jak my pijemy kawkę na tarasie.

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