Attractions in the property

For children

Gorce Oasis is a cozy family house for rent, that is why we did everything to make sure that our youngest guests do not get bored even for a moment. Large garden is filled with attractions such as a trampoline, a soccer or volleyball playing field, mini golf and a pond (available in June, July and August).

At home you will find a game zone and playing area prepared especially for children. There is a large, comfortable sofa and a projector where you can watch movies and cartoons and play games in our X-box console!

Attractions for everybody

We take care of details and comfort at every point. In addition to a large beautiful garden, which is a perfect place to play with children and to organize picnics with family and friends on the grill, we have also prepared for you a water pond in which you can cool feet during hot days. Not only that as you will find here a place prepared to organize a bonfire and spend long evenings under the open sky.

What you may find exceptionally convenient is a beautiful covered terrace outside the house where you can enjoy long summer mornings with coffee, as well as warm romantic evenings. Inside you'll find a climatic lounge where you relax by the fireplace or just watching TV. In the basement of our house there is a playroom and games room with some features like video projector or foosball, as well as a sauna that may be a perfect choice after skiing or simply during cooler days.