On the eastern side of Gorce National Park forests, above the Dunajec River valley, you will find a picturesque, idyllic village called Szlembark. As it is said among inhabitants of this corner of Podhale region, the first settlement existed in the middle of the village within easy reach of the wells, and was called “Śleboda”, which in highland dialect means “freedom”. Its name “Śleboda” perfectly defines this town. Peace and quiet as well as closeness of nature make it possible to feel free from everyday concerns and duties at least for a moment.

Podhale Region

Szlembark is a great place to rest especially for people who appreciate peace and quiet, while being able to quickly reach more well-known and busy localities such as Białka Tatrzańska, Bukowina Tatrzańska, Niedzica, Nowy Targ or Zakopane. Szlembark is an excellent trailhead for hiking trips, especially to the nearby Gorce.

Szlembark gained fame thanks to outstanding graphic artist and cartoonist, Tadeusz Kulisiewicz, who during the period 1926-1967 spent almost every summer here. He was the author of a series of four woodcuts dedicated to Szlembark and its inhabitants.

Hiking trails on Turbacz

Szlembark is a neighbor of Gorce Mountains, well-known mountain chain of Poland, that rise proudly above Nowy Targ, the capital city of the Podhale region. Therefore, Szlembark is a perfect destination for all enthusiasts of long hikes. In the area of Szlembark there are tourist trails leading through the shrouded in mystery forests of Gorce. From the neighboring village called “Huba” you can follow the blue trail leading to the mountain hill "Pod Kotelinicą". After that the trail connects to the Main Beskid Trail, the longest trail in the Polish mountains marked in red. The trail leads through the tourist station Studzionki (894 m above sea level), Knurowska Pass (835 m above sea level) Rąbaniska (1127 m N. P. m), Grabowska clearing (1269 m above sea level) to the famous Turbacz, the highest peak of the Gorce Mountains (1278 m).

The shorter and smoother route to the Turbacz has its trailhead in the neighboring village of Łopuszna, from where you can follow a trail marked in blue all the way to the top, or change a route halfway on Bukovina Waksmundzka (1103 m above sea level) to continue the journey following the black trail.

Sports and Recreation in the Czorsztyn Lake area

A rural character of Szlembark is conducive to activities such as Nordic Walking or bike rides. Not far from the town – in Nowy Targ, famous for its delicious traditional ice-cream, you will find a bike path that extends to the Slovak border. This kind of expedition is a great adventure and opportunity to explore the villages of Podhale.

Szlembark is also the close neighbour of Lake Czorsztyn and Niedzica, which is also a very developed tourist destination, famous for the Czorsztyn Lagoon and the Dunajec Castle. This medieval fortress is open to visitors. There you can see exhibits related to the history of the castle.

Enthusiasts of winter sports will also find something for themselves going to a nearby Czorsztyn-Ski lift, or choosing to go to Białka Tatrzańska to enjoy on the ski lift of Kotelnica Białczańska. Not only that, as in Białka and Bukowina Tatrzańska you will find swimming pools with natural thermal water, rich in compounds and minerals that beneficially affect your health and comfort.

Szlembark is a small town and this is a charm of this place. Authenticity, rural character and undisturbed peace will allow you to breathe and feel the real freedom!

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