Accommodation rules in Gorce Oasis

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Welcome to our house, have a pleasant stay. We would appreciate your adherence to the rules contained in these Regulations. They are created to ensure undisturbed stay and safety of our Guests.

  1. Reservations can be made personally, by telephone or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. By making a reservation you accept the Regulations. To confirm your booking you are obliged to pay a deposit. The remaining amount due for the stay is payable on the day of arrival in cash only. We do not accept credit cards.
  2. The deposit is non-refundable, unless cancellation is made at least 31 days prior to the scheduled beginning of the stay. In this case, 50% of the amount paid shall be reimbursed. The deposit is returned in full if the service fails to fulfil on the part of Gorce Oasis. The refund does not apply to Christmas and New Year`s holidays.
  3. Your stay starts at 4 p.m. on the day of arrival and ends at 10:30 a.m. on the day of departure.
  4. In case of cancellation and discontinuation of the stay prior to the scheduled date of departure, guests are not entitled to a refund of the amount paid or to reduce the price of the service for the unused period.
  5. Guests are required to comply the rules in the garden, and to use equipment as intended (plants, equipment, utensils).
  6. Nie wynajmujemy domu na organizację spotkań integracyjnych i wieczorów kawalerskich.
  7. Guests are required to comply strictly with fire regulations and rules. The house has a fireplace with a cartridge. Always use the fireplace as intended. The fireplace must always be tightly closed. It is forbidden to leave the fireplace without supervision.
  8. The house is strictly non-smoking. Smoking is only possible in the open air. In case of a breach of smoking ban at home, the host charges a fee of 1000 PLN (clearing, cleaning, washing) and the costs of calling fire brigade.
  9. Please note that non-registered guests can stay at Gorce Oasis only with the prior consent of the host.
  10. Please do not disturb any other guests, as well as the neighbors of Gorce Oasis. Please comply with the rule of night silence between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.
  11. Before leaving the house, please make sure that all electrical equipment as well as lights are turned off and entrance door locked.
  12. The parking area of the Gorce Oasis is free of charge, unguarded.
  13. Pets are not allowed neither at house nor in the surrounding area.
  14. The host is not responsible for the loss or damage any of Guests` belongings. Please keep the house in an appropriate condition until the end of your stay. Appropriate condition includes, in particular, washing dishes, throwing food leftovers into waste bags stored in basement. Otherwise, a house cleaning fee of 200 PLN will be charged. After using grill Guests are obliged to keep the area clean. Charcoal, briquette Guests organize themselves.
  15. The Gorce Oasis has a water basin and wood-fired tub which are non-guarded objects, so children may use it only in the presence of their parents or guardians, who are totally responsible for their children.
  16. It is forbidden for safety reasons to be in a water basin and in a tub under the influence of alcohol or other narcotic substances.
  17. It is forbidden to use water basin or a tub by people who has any skin diseases, tinea, papilloma, erythema, rose, etc., open cuts, infectious diseases, hard-heal wounds, lack of personal hygiene, epilepsy, frequent intravenous injections on upper limbs, breathing difficulties, balance disorders, aggressive behavior.
  18. Guests use water basin or tub at their own risk. The host of Gorce Oasis is not responsible for injuries caused by the use of those objects.
  19. For safety reasons children under the age of 12 can use a water basin, trampoline and playground, only in the presence and care of their parents or guardians. The host of Gorce Oasis does not bear responsibility for unattended children in the area of Gorce Oasis.
  20. Please do not leave children unattended. Special care is to be taken by the water basin, playground.
  21. The house is equipped with a dry sauna. Sauna is turned on by the host at the request of guests.
  22. The house has a central gas heating. In order to change the temperature in rooms it is possible to adjust the room thermostats in each of the rooms. Interference with the house heating driver central controller is not permitted.
  23. Guests of the Gorce Oasis are asked not to walk around the house in shoes, especially in high-heeled shoes or ski boots.
  24. Guests of the Gorce Oasis shall bear the material responsibility for any damage, loss or destruction of the items of equipment and technical devices, that occurred due to their fault or by the fault of the person visiting. Guests should inform the host about the damage immediately after it has been identified.
  25. Guests are responsible for damage caused by children in their care.
  26. The host of Gorce Oasis is not responsible for temporary inconvenience caused by independent suppliers such as transient lack of electric power supply, internet connection, lack of access to TV channels.
  27. The host of Gorce Oasis reserves the right to refuse to continue providing services to Guests under the influence of alcohol or drugs, behaving aggressively, and in case of drastic violation of the regulations with no reimbursement of the amount paid for the stay.
  28. Regulations of Gorce Oasis are given to Guests by posting on the website and is given to individual acceptance in the check-in procedure when a written statement of knowledge of the content is made.

Thank you for complying with recommendations mentioned above. We hope that you will enjoy your stay in our house. We wish you a pleasant holiday and we invite you to visit Gorce Oasis again.